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March 2/3: Shaganappi Winter Trail Conditions Update

Cool picture of the roller packed lane from Saturday afternoon!

More SNOw!!!!  The snow was coming down so hard and fast Saturday it was filling in the roller packed sections of ski trail quickly!  Murphy's Law...we get all this amazing snow, and the forecast is for +10 in Calgary Thursday, aaaaaargh!!! Why didn't we get this snow in December??? Sigh.

Shaganappi received approximately 15cm of snow Saturday, there's wind depositing and wind scouring, so the depth will vary.

Update March 3 at 1pm: The blue shared snowshoe and fat bike loop from the driving range to the other side of the natural ravine has been snowshoe packed by two volunteers keen to get out this morning, thanks to Chris and Jason for braving the cold and windchill! Give that section of trail a day to set up/freeze and harden, hopefully that will happen sooner rather than later, the trail likely will be soft to ride Sunday. Fat bikers please turn around and ride elsewhere if tires are sinking so volunteers don't have to repair the trail damage and ruts. Come back to that trail section once it's hardened.

XC ski trails

Nearly all xc ski trails were roller packed March 2nd with the exception of the expert loop north of the driving range, it's just too icy and treacherous for our machines to get down there at the moment.  There was one lane of track setting put in around the driving range, it likely is filled in with snow, thanks volunteer Barry!

Conditions will be like backcountry skiing until volunteers with availability can get out there to roller pack the ski trails Sunday and Tuesday, then track set.... we'll update Nordic Pulse and this blog when more work is done.

Shared snowshoe/fat bike trail systems:  Green flagged snowshoe/fat bike trails were all snowmobile and Bachler packed Saturday afternoon, some of the Blue system too, but our Fat Bike Lead Brad had to stop on the blue loop because the snowmobile kept getting stuck!  Fingers crossed the Bachler packing hardens up overnight to make it nice riding Sunday, time will tell.

Thanks to volunteers Brad and Barry for going out Saturday to get a lot of packing done!

Share Your Photographs with SNO: We're always looking for photographs of people having a great time on the Shaganappi winter trails for social media and the website. Please click on the "Contact" tab at the top of this web page if you have photographs that you'd like to share.

SSV on tracks and Bespoke roller in the driving range during the storm Saturday afternoon...

Roller packing the newly fallen snow Saturday.

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