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January 17 Update: Corduroy and fresh track setting!!!

Yes, it is true. Two volunteers were out Saturday night making the snow surfaces nice for the Sunday skiers, most especially the sit skiers who will be out in the afternoon, have fun!!!


Almost all skate lanes were groomed, and most track setting was redone with the exception that the Bow Trail loop was not track set because there wasn't enough time, and the shallow track setter was already put to bed for the night. *the Quarry Road Trail entrance loop was again missed, we just ran out of time...expect it to be hideously icy with the Chinook Glaze.

Expect the snow to be fast, and the track setting likely will ice up if there is a large number of skiers on Sunday.

There are a few asphalt sections where the cart paths are bare, predominantly a couple spots between junctions 1 and 2, and of course as usual, Westgate corner (SW corner of the golf course) is bare for about 10 meters but a little bird mentioned they saw a workaround is possible where one can keep their skis on... hopefully the snow along the workaround won't be too soft for the sit skiers, hope they give it a try!!!

**If you see pedestrians who are not Adaptive ski program volunteers walking in the middle of the trails please consider taking a moment to stop and say hello, remark on what a beautiful day it is to be outside, how lucky we are to have the venue for walking and skiing and snowshoeing, then let the pedestrians know sunken footprints in the middle of the groomed trails are a fall hazard to skiers travelling at speed, and they also make the snow melt faster and, boy, if they wouldn't mind, it would be so very very verrry nice if they would walk on the snow that is not groomed or track set....the outside edges of the trails, or anywhere else on the golf course that isn't ski trails or roped off fragile grasses.*** (two nights in a row, there have been 2 sets of sunken footprints in the middle of the skate lanes along the 9th fairway between junctions 1 and 8, running down the hill to junction 9 . The lower expert loop also got a LOT of foot traffic these past two days, all on the ski trail when there's not much snow, so why walk there!!!????? Aaaargh say the volunteer groomers!!!! ;)

Volunteer time grooming and track setting Saturday night:

Skate lane grooming: 3.5 hours

Track setting: 4.5 hours

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