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February 8 update: Scoop shovels out, skate lane surfaces scratched, FBSS trails running fast & icy

Cross country ski trail skate lanes were shallowly renovated/scarified early this morning as two volunteers went around the trail system on snowmobiles with drag groomers, doing two passes on all skate lanes. The driving range is especially nice for skate skiing. Track setting was put in a couple days ago and is variable - really icy and glazed in the high sun and wind exposure areas. The sun, high winds and Chinook temperatures hit the trails hard, snow sublimated fast in a few areas, and we need help throwing tree branches and pinecones off the ski trails (pleeease!!!). The trails are still highly skiable around the trail system....

FBSS: When it is cloudy and chilly/cold, trails will be hard and fast. When it is sunny, windy and warm, things will soften up. The shared fat bike & snowshoe trail systems (FBSS) will be hard packed on the pink pin-flagged loop, with bare sections and icy sections. Studded tires are definitely recommended. The brown loop likely will still have drifting along the escarpment, but we have asked our volunteer pool to get out and help shovel out the drifts. If anyone wants to help, sign up as a volunteer and we can tell you where the shovels are!

Scoop shovels are out at strategic locations - sign up as a volunteer, and help move snow onto the ski trails where the snow is thin! We especially will need help moving snow onto the staging area for the Saturday Para Nordic ski lessons just northwest of the clubhouse so the participants can ski from the trailer to the ski trail running west toward the condos.

We have 3.5 weeks left of winter operations at Shaganappi, so get out and enjoy the trails! (unless there is a HUUUGE dump of snow, then the season may be extended)

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