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February 22: Shaganappi Winter Trail Conditions Update

Updated: Feb 22

Springlike conditions are still here, due to the Chinook temperatures which means hard icy and fast trails in the mornings if it froze overnight, with trail surfaces softening if the day is warm and especially if the sun is also out.

Some ski trail grooming was done Wednesday evening. Marginal conditions exist on all trails due to the variable depth of snow.

Trail stewardship considerations: Ideally, you should not be leaving deep tire tracks, ski tracks, or foot prints. It takes a lot of work to repair that kind of trail damage.

XC ski trails: The loop northwest of the clubhouse was groomed Wednesday evening thanks to grooming volunteer Steve!  This loop is from junction 1-8-7-9 and back to 1 on the map, and is in good shape.  Snowcover is pretty good considering the winter we've been having, however expect thin snowcover and sharks lurking beneath the snow in some areas. There likely are bare spots coming through on some sections of the ski trail system. Sharks = rocks, asphalt, grass, tree branches, roots, etc. that can bite into ski bases hard, and possibly cause permanent damage to skis and/or injury to the skier.

Shared snowshoe & fat bike trail systems:  Studded tires are recommended for fat bikes, and the best soft snow for snowshoeing is off the trail a bit on either side.  Fat biking can be okay in the mornings after a freeze, but the snow softens as does the ground if the sun is on it or the day is warm.

Green pin flagged trails: Tuesday volunteer Brad was out riding the trails and filling in ruts, the green system had quite a bit of grass showing.  Riding is okay in the mornings if it froze overnight.  

Blue pin flagged trails  Similar conditions to the green system, not as much standing water as in January.  Best riding is when the snow/ground is firm. Please stay off the trails if you are sinking into the snow or ground, the damage has to be repaired by volunteers.

Fat Bikes: Please use the designated fat bike trails (see the on-line map as well as the maps at Shaganappi) and stay within the pin flags. Wider trails without pin flags are for cross-country skiing only. You should be floating on the surface of the groomed trail. 2 to 6 PSI with 3.7" tires or larger on groomed

surfaces is good. Have fun out there! Learn More

Donations and memberships: Please consider donating what you can to SNO or becoming a SNO member. Whether you're an individual or a community-minded organization, financial support is needed so that we can continue to offer free outdoor winter recreational opportunities for all Calgarians in the heart of the city. Since we're an entirely volunteer-run organization, 100% of your donation goes towards improving the winter trail experience at Shaganappi. Donate Now . Explore membership options on the Friends of SNO page here.

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