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February 14 Update: Corduroy for Monday!

All skate lanes have been groomed the evening of February 14 by one volunteer after discovering an electrical issue made it impossible to use the track setter or knives on the drag groomer. (sorry classic skiers!!!) So, we have corduroy! Three of the resident Coyotes were having a great time playing in the snow and following the groomer. One Coyote did a fancy boxing move while on their hind legs, like they were daring the groomer to get into it with them. Hilariously playful! Forecast for Monday in Calgary is still indicating cold weather, fingers crossed the warmer air mass in the mountains will make an early appearance.

Westgate Corner (SW corner of the golf course) has some of the asphalt cart path coming through the ski trail.

Condo Alley (trail between junction 6 and 7) has some thin sections at the bottom of the hill...other than that we have great coverage on the trails.

Skiing is great, just keep the face, hands and toes warm Monday and you'll have a great time...have fun in the snow!

Volunteer hours: 3.5 grooming all trails with the Ginzu

The Ginzu Groomer making some corduroy.

A frosty looking grooming volunteer after their 3.5 hour shift on a snowmobile in -25 temperatures this evening.

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