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December 11, 2022 update: ski trail grooming done; FBSS trails hardening up

Most of the ski trail system was groomed last night, the track setting done a few days ago is in good shape considering how little snow we have on the ground in places.

Ski trail conditions:

Early season conditions remain on the ski trail system meaning rocks, asphalt and tree roots are visible or lurking just below the snow surface in some areas which can catch a skier by surprise. Take care the first lap or two so skis are not permanently damaged! Stay away from the usual suspects such as Condo Alley, Westgate Corner (SW corner)...and take your skis off when travelling from the clubhouse bumps to the driving range/lower loop, as it is a rocky parking lot!

The centre of the driving range has teaching lanes in thanks to snow farming efforts Wednesday from a group of 12+ volunteers from Prospect Human Services.

FBSS trail conditions:

Reports are the shared fat bike/snowshoe trail systems are in really good shape for fat biking, 100% rideable without drifting along the driving range fencing. The trails likely will be very hard packed for snowshoeing. Feel free to stop and say hello to any walkers on the FBSS trail systems, and have a conversation informing them the sides of the ski trails outside the track setting are for walking. The preference is for walkers to stay off the shared fat bike/ snowshoe trail system, as sunken foot prints in the fat bike/snowshoe trail system have to be repaired by volunteers because they are a hazard to riders.

Let's all do a snow dance, and hope the consistent cold temperatures are accompanied by more snow before the end of the month!

FBSS Brown Loop (intermediate/advanced trail system) taken Saturday

FBSS brown loop Saturday along the escarpment.

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